Every client and landscape is unique. Mozaic Landscapes addresses this with various sevices and packages to suit the size, complexity and requirements of each project. A preliminary survey and assessment offers guidance in what's best for your project.


Consultations provide on-site and immediate guidance. The designer comes to your property ready to address your most pressing issues. Preferred referrals, samples, color charts, handouts as appropriate, and a copy of notes guide you to your next step. Topics vary and can range from discussing design ideas, enhancing curb appeal and home value, project direction and planning, plant/pest i.d., paint color selections, shapes marked in the field, or a second opinion on a set of plans. If you decide to continue on with additional drawing services, a discount is given. Two hour consultations start at $350.


On-site conceptual and planting layout drawings address the need for immediate landscape plans on paper, efficiently and economically and allow you to participate in the process. An extensive client profile, photos, and follow-up allows the designer to arrive ready to design from your site plan, or one provided. Two separate design sessions can be scheduled: a concept design providing the "big" picture of shapes, layouts, components, accents, and major tree placements, and planting design with plant palette list providing botanical selections, sizes, quantities, and placement ready to install. Costs start at $750/module.


For those projects that desire the quality time, consideration and research needed for a high end result, plans are produced in the studio. Typically for projects larger in scope, complexity and budget, Mozaic Landscape refers licensed professionals as appropriate in the development of construction details and submittal documents. Call for a no-obligation initial meeting to review the needs of your project.


Project design management is recommended for those landscapes seeking to achieve magazine quality results. Overseeing from beginning to end, we maintain good communication among contractors and artists during installation, attending to details for good translation from paper to field. On-call and ready to check chalk layouts, viewsheds, answer frequent questions, hand-select materials, plants, furniture, pots and more-- your time and attention over a landscape under construction is eased. Project design management is generally charged out by the hour.


Spending on good planning and design is an investment, by which you see a return in increased home value, avoid costly mistakes and re-dos, and have a smoother installation with satisying results. Because projects vary so widely in size, scope, and complexity, so do design costs. However, a good place to start when considering costs is to allot about 8-15% of your budget to design, 3-5% for permitting, inspections, 70% for construction and materials, and 15% for overages, contingencies, and/or upgrades. Call for an assessment of your project.

Sample Drawings

Mozaic Landscapes CAD + pencil

Mozaic Landscapes CAD drawing

Mozaic Landscapes CAD drawing


We love your designs!! —Rosemary Chang, Sunol, CA

We love Mozaic Landscapes! I won't use anyone else besides Cynthia! —C. DeLara, San Carlos, CA

Working with Cynthia Tanyan of Mozaic Landscapes was the highlight of our home building experience! Cynthia's extremely knowledgeable and made excellent recommendations to expand our original concept. Working quickly and within budget, she transformed our empty lot into an incredibly charming setting, beautifully complimenting our new home. Our garden has color, interest and beautiful views year round and is a constant source of admiration from passersby —B. & E. Holmes, Menlo Park

After spending a few thousand dollars on landscaping on my own, and still not being happy, I called Mozaic Landscapes for a consultation. Cynthia gave me amazing ideas that made my property really look professionally done. Now people driving down the street stop me to say how beautiful the landscaping is! —Palo Alto, CA

Cynthia was incredible to work with. She is so intuitive about people. Our garden is completely unique and really reflects our culture and values. We couldn't have done it without Cynthia and her crew. Over the years the garden has become even more interesting and comfortable. I love sharing it with guests because I think that it truly expresses who we are. —K. Rudolph, Los Altos, CA

Ms Tanyan's design skills produced the most wonderful second living room in our backyard. Working around the constraints of a small space, limited budget and a large dog, she created a beautiful outdoor living area that provides amenities for all. Visitors rave about the appearance and we love the easy care plantings. My husband and I have recommended Mozaic Landscapes to everyone. —S. Levin, Fremont. CA

I hired Mozaic Landscapes to help me completely renovate and re-make our pool and yard into an oasis of tranquility and beauty. It is a fantastic success. People come, stay and relax. More often than not guests comment on how peaceful the setting is. Ms Tanyan is a delight to work with. Her iterative style allowed us to quickly try things on paper right in our working sessions. I loved not having to wait for a next review cycle. She works from the heart and her designs show it. —D. Quinlan, Los Gatos

It was a pleasure working with Cynthia. She was attentive to our needs and designed our garden based on those. She also was detail oriented and made sure everything was put into place. We now truly enjoy being in our garden.

Cynthia did a great job of listening to our initial ideas and generated a design that also fit our budget and limited space. The final design for our backyard was great. We look forward to having her back when we take on the front yard. I would highly recommend Cynthia to anyone that desires a beautiful space they can call their own. —K. Phillips, Fremont, CA

As I've gotten older, it had become more difficult for me to get out into the garden. Cynthia designed a lovely space with wide stone walkways, benches and handrails, not only good for people in walkers and wheelchairs but also for small children on tricycles. We all love it. I noticed wherever I sit in different places in the garden, Cynthia planned harmonious and intriguing views. They are like beautiful framed pictures. She even picked out new colors for my house and doors so that everything relates to the garden. Living in California, I think that is the way it should be. —B. Rudolph, Mountain View, CA

We love the final outcome of our transformed backyard. The quality design/plans drove that result, which is why we will recommend Mozaic Landscapes to our friends. —A. Espinosa, Burlingame, CA

As a Native American man, I wanted the garden to express my heritage, and we own several large sculptures that needed to be incorporated. Cynthia ability to really listens to her clients, and displayed all beautifully. We have all the elements, water, fire, earth and air. Our garden has truly become a place we live in all year. It refreshes the spirit. —J. Simmons, Los Altos, CA