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Considered expanding your landscape to your roof? The concept of greenroofs, while not new, is now undergoing a big revival—a growing industry bucking economic recessions. Why the interest? More than just a "green" fad, we now understand the many environmental benefits and problems greenroofs solve in suburban/urban environments (mitigating stormwater pollution, reducing urban heat island effect, etc.) so much so, that many cities worldwide are adapting codes and providing incentives for installation.

As a homeowner, personal cost and environmental benefits include...

  • reduced heating and cooling costs
  • a longer lasting roof (30-40yrs, vs 10-15yrs for traditional)
  • noise reduction
  • fire retardation
  • blockage of electromagnetic radiation
  • increased value and marketability for your home
in addition, greenroofs can
  • provide added habitat
  • filter the air and add oxygen
  • divert waste to landfills of traditional asphalt shingles
  • help reduce the greenhouse effect
  • add aesthetic value
Be part of the "growing" excitement in building. Now certified as a greenroof professional (GRP) with experience in a highly successful and publicized 6,000sqft. installation, designer Cynthia Tanyan can guide you among the disciplines (structural, architectural, waterproofing, horticultural, construction, drainage) professionals and expertise needed for a successful design and installation. Call today to discuss your greenroof project success.